Laser Cutting: State-of-the-art CAD-driven laser cutting and engraving. Accuracy to within 1/10000000th of an inch.

Materials: Plexiglass (from 1/32" to 3/8"), Matt Board, Bass Wood, Card Stock and more.

CAD Drawing Clean-up: Preparing all your project CAD drawings into a "laser-friendly" template. If time is tight and it has to be right, have us do it for you. Or, if you need to save money, you simply do it yourself. To make your drawings laser-friendly just remember: Standard Blue as CUT, meaning we cut clear through the material. Standard Red as SCORE, where we score the material to the exact depth. Also, place each CUT or SCORE layout on separate layers. And please, no double-line or we'll melt a hole through the floor. We handle all formats; however, prefer DXF or DWG for AutoCAD.